In Berlin there are so many options when it comes to restaurants. There are restaurants of all types and all prices. Many people prefer the restaurants for the taste, other people choose the restaurant for the price, but many people choose it for the view, because it is very nice to eat and drink something with a beautiful view. Although Berlin does not have very high areas, the great views can be found close to the river.

Best restaurants in Berlin with a nice view

1. Neni restaurant

Neni restaurant in berlin

Excellent Jewish food and a breathtaking view over the zoo and over Berlin. Neni is pretty hard to find, so ask for directions when you make a reservation. You can have a drink first (or a coffee after) at the lovely Monkeybar on the same floor. Neni also serves a small but very cheap and delicious lunch.

2. Kafer restaurant

Kafer restaurant in berlin

This is the restaurant on the top floor of the Bundestag. You must make reservations at least 24 hours in advance and don’t forget to bring your passport or ID, they will check them at the door. It’s a fantastic location and good food at a price that’s not even that exaggerated.

3. Solar restaurant

Solar restaurant in berlin

This is a club lounge and stylish restaurant on the 16th and 17th floors of a high-rise building that once housed CIA. Chef Jon Kremin creates classic Berlin dishes, but he always varies them. The setting is beautiful and the view is absolutely breathtaking.

4. Hugos restaurant

Hugos restaurant in berlin

This stylish restaurant and wine bar offers fantastic views of the city and a range of private dining rooms. There are three set menus to choose from (one is vegetarian), and a four-course meal costs around 100 euros. Want to cook like a chef? Then check out the cooking classes on the website.

5. Hotel de Rome

Hotel de Rome in berlin

You can’t get more stylish than the famous Hotel de Rome with its fantastic rooftop terrace, which few people know is open to non-guests. From there you’ve a view of the State Opera, St. Hedwig’s Cathedral, the Berlin Cathedral, and the TV Tower, to name a few.