If we talk about German food, it is historically very new, since Germany became a country in 1871. Formerly what existed in this territory were different groups of people called Germanic people since they shared the same language and many characteristics in common. Formerly the diet of the Germans was based on cereals such as wheat and barley and meats such as beef and pork, the latter being everyone’s favorite.

It is very common until today to get food prepared with wild pig meat, since there are many throughout the country. Nowadays, when talking about Germany, everyone usually associates its food with the famous sausages or also called bratwurst. No wonder everyone talks about this as the Germans love them.

Traditional German food

If you visit a traditional German restaurant, sausages will always be available. They are usually served on a plate with fries and salad. Something that is also usually served in typical restaurants are the knudeln, which are balls made of potatoes and flour. These have a very smooth texture and a pleasant flavor, although they are definitely best eaten with a sauce.

A food that you should try from the typical German cuisine is the schnitzel. This dish contains a large portion of finely cut beef, breaded and then fried. This meat is usually served on a plate with French fries, a portion of salad and half a lemon. This food is exquisite and there are variations in the type of meat and in the accompaniments or sauces, for example, the schnitzel can be also prepared with pork and come with a mushroom sauce.

The original German food is varied and it is very delicious. Germans are people who are very open to new cultures and usually adapt foreign dishes to their taste. Italian, French and Turkish food are a clear example. There are many restaurants of these nationalities in Germany due to immigration, which will undoubtedly enrich the culture and the German cuisine.