Berlin is the best city in Europe to find food from all over the world. Restaurant owners see great potential in this city because it is located in Germany and it is no mystery to anyone that Germany is one of the greatest powers in the world. This means that the people who live in this city have a high purchasing power, which translates into more purchases, including going out to restaurants more frequently. These are the 5 best international restaurants in Berlin, their taste and authenticity will surprise you:

Best international restaurants in Berlin

1. Chicha – Peruvian cuisine

Chicha peruvian restaurant in berlin

Chica is a new restaurant in Berlin that in 2020 won the Michelin restaurant category. This restaurant serves traditional and contemporary Peruvian food. Peruvian food has made a name for itself at the top over the last decade. This food is made up of a great diversity of products from the sea, the coast, the mountains and the Peruvian jungle. It is a function of all that but in addition to the nationalities that have arrived in Peruvian territory during the last almost 500 years. Some of these nationalities are Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, German, among others.

2. Horvath – Austrian cuisine

Horvath austrian restaurant in berlin

When it comes to excellent Austrian food, Horvath is the place to be. This is the most renowned Austrian restaurant in all of Berlin. This restaurant is also one of the oldest along the Landwehr canal. Horbath first opened in 2005, though it didn’t earn its first Michelin star until Austrian chef Sebastian Frank joined in 2010, and it didn’t earn its second Michelin star until 2015. The Austrian cuisine here is plant-centric and thoroughly modern, with some decadent flourishes. Menus come in five, seven or nine course options.

3. Malakeh – Sirian cuisine

Malakeh sirian restaurant in berlin

Malakeh’s Syrian cuisine is as delicious as its origin story is touching. Owner Malakeh Jazmati has no formal cooking education, but once found a following like Syrian TV personality Maliket al-Tabkh (the queen of cooking). Expelled from her country by the war, she came to Berlin in 2015 and set up this restaurant with her husband Mohammed. As a poignant reminder of the home she left behind, Malakeh is decorated with photographs by Syrian artists and activists. As for food, expect excellent kibbeh in yogurt sauce, delicious fried eggplant, and some of the freshest tomatoes in town.

4. Kin Dee – Thai cuisine

Kin Dee restaurant in berlin

Part of the Grill Royal gourmet empire, Kin Dee has proven to be a worthy successor to the Thai Berlin institution Edd’s. Head chef and owner Dalad Kambhu ventures into similar fusion territory, serving fine and creative Thai cuisine with a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients.

With its set menu of small plates, excellent vegetarian options and well-selected wine list, Kin Dee has already won over the locals and received its first Michelin star in 2019. This makes Kambhu the youngest woman to receive the honor in Germany. What better way to celebrate than with a meal you won’t soon forget?

5. Maselli – Italian cuisine

Maselli italian restaurant in berlin

In this list of the best 5 international restaurants in Berlin, an Italian restaurant could not be missing, because Italian food is one of the best in the world and the Miselli restaurant in Berlin is a great representative. In this restaurant the menu changes with each season of the year, although some starters are almost always available. If you can’t decide on a meal but want the best on the menu, try the porcini mushroom and thyme butter ravioli, they are delicious.

This restaurant has a fairly extensive wine list, homemade bread and Peroni beer. It is necessary to book in advance, however, if you go without a reservation, you may be able to sit at the bar and have dinner there.

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